Monday, December 15, 2008

IM Exchange of an Idea for My Web Consulting Business

[12:44] I_fucking_own_illinois:
[12:46] dollar_bill_504: We can get Bernie Madoff to run the investment arm.
[12:47] dollar_bill_504: He gives great answers.
[12:50] dollar_bill_504: As an attorney, my first concern is, what if people give out bad medical or legal advice?
[12:50] dollar_bill_504: Or answers that, if followed, are harmful?
[12:50] dollar_bill_504: "Can I eat this mushroom I found?"
[12:51] dollar_bill_504: "Sure you can. Cook it with butter!"
[12:51] dollar_bill_504: "Thanks! Here's some flooz, whoops, I mean Mahalo dollars."
[12:51] dollar_bill_504: Asker proceeds to eat and die.
[12:52] dollar_bill_504: Nancy Grace flops uncontrollably in the grip of orgasm as she describes the case and eventual charges.